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Before to start…

l'histoire d'helene, par terence baelen photographe de mariage à cannes

… this is the fabulous story of Hélène

This is Hélène.

This photograph, taken on her wedding day several decades ago, bears witness to a moment, a period, but also tells a little bit about her.

This image is precious, because it is one of the only material memories that Hélène’s family has today and it is the only way for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to put a face to her name.

How do I know this?

Because Hélène is my great-grandmother.

When I found this image, I understood even more the value of my profession, the importance of photographs, and more particularly here of wedding photography.

Our photos are much more than just pretty moments captured. They stop time and cross it. They are the heritage of future generations. Without them, our memories would eventually fade away.

For several years, wedding photography has not only immortalized faces. It documents great moments. It bears witness to small moments. It tells a smile, a look, a tear. In short, it explains who we are.

Memories fade away. Photos, however, are eternal.

Who am I ?

My journey as a photographer

I was born and raised in Cannes.

Very quickly fascinated by the captivating power of images, I became interested in photography in my early teens. When I was about 12 years old, my grandfather gave me one of his film cameras, a Pentax Asahi. Without any bad pun, it was the trigger and the birth of a real passion for photography.

I was fascinated by photographers’ equipment and I started to develop my first objective: to buy my first SLR camera. I saved my pocket money for almost two years to buy my first camera: a Canon 400D.

The idea is born: I want to be a photographer. However, I finally follow the reigning ideology and the advice of the educational system, namely to do “real studies” to have “a real job”. All my other aspirations are crossed out. One sentence repeats itself: “There are no openings”. So I chose to study biology.

When I entered high school, I put photography slightly aside, and became interested in another art that fascinated me: cinema. With passion and fervor, I devour between 200 and 250 films per year. I write for an online film magazine for two years, and cover the 67th Cannes Film Festival for it.

When I finish my biology studies, I fully immerse myself in photography. In 2018, after much thought, I decided to take the plunge and step completely out of my comfort zone. I launched my photography business, and specialized as a wedding photographer.

This adventure has led me to have some incredible experiences. I was able to travel, cover prestigious events, work with world renowned brands, such as Christian Dior perfumes.

I am convinced that this is only the beginning of the journey. There are still many adventures to be had. My only regret? Not to have started sooner.

terence baelen portrait

My style

Elegant and romantic wedding photos

I wish to offer to the bride and groom who trust me beautiful, chic and elegant memories. But I also wish to deliver them photographs alive, true and faithful to their history. In short, photographs that sublimate the emotions and also allow them to relive the excitement of this day.

My approach mixes photo-reportage and aesthetic research. With discretion, I follow you throughout your day and document the big and small moments of your wedding with my sensitivity and my know-how.

A look, a smile, a gesture. I tell your story and your emotions through my own vision, educated by my experience, my reading of the light, but also my own artistic sensitivity.

photographe mariage au clos des roses a frejus

Cinema, my love

Influence & inspiration

Terrence Malick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Alejandro G. Inarritu, David Lynch: cinema has been and still is my main source of inspiration.

Window on the world, dreamlike escape, quest for beauty and grace, plastic and aesthetic research, exhibition of feelings and emotions. Cinema is a bit of all this, and sometimes all at the same time.

If the motors of creation can thus depend on a way of seeing or thinking, the link that unites any film is the power of images. In my eyes, there is nothing stronger than that.

Brad Pitt et Leonardo Dicaprio à Cannes
photographes du Festival de Cannes

Sharpen and refine your eyes

My experience as a photographer
at the service of your memories

To make spontaneous and authentic photos requires a sharp eye, which must be constantly trained and nourished.

In parallel to my activity as a wedding photographer, I work more occasionally as a press photographer. I have the privilege to cover important media events every year and to work on commissions from French and international magazines.

Covering the Cannes Film Festival is perhaps my most formative assignment for wedding photography. Indeed, documenting the Cannes Film Festival taught me to be on the lookout for images to make, to trigger quickly, but also to work under pressure. In 2021, I had the privilege to see one of my Cannes pictures published in a double-page spread in Paris Match magazine and another one on the cover of Gala.

Working on personal projects is also important to me. It allows me to continue to cultivate and refine my creativity.

Wedding photography is a wonderful profession where the only thing you can know is that you don’t know anything. There is always something to learn, from yourself and from others. That’s why I make sure to set aside enough time each year to continue training and learning.

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