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About me

Destination wedding and elopement photographer based in France

Professional wedding photographer native from Cannes, I work now everywhere in France (Nice, Paris, Nantes, Reims, etc) but also in Europe and even worldwide (Ireland, Italy, Brazil, etc). I love to travel and I have many friends around the world, so I can travel for cheap. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Wedding and Elopement un France or Europe

Are you in search for a photographer who will be able to engrave your emotions or your wedding coming soon in France ? Or are you searching the one who will shoot your elopement in Ireland or somewhere else in Europe ? Maybe you have a bigger project that need me to travel even further ? In any case, I’m available to talk about your project. From Paris to Cannes, from Europe to America, I’m here to tell your story.

My work as a wedding photographer

Most of the time, I love to cover full weddings, from the bride preparation to the party. I want to dive into your D-Day progressively with you and shoot the best moments of this unforgettable event. Now I also propose to my clients a video and photo wedding package.

I work with qualitative filmmakers who will be able to shoot your wedding in a beautiful cinematic way. These videographers are friends and we used to work together, with an entire confidence.

What’s the price for a wedding photography service ?

Weddings may be so different. Your desires too ! This is the reason why I choose to propose personalized quotes to my clients, regarding their project. We can talk about it. Just reach my contact page.

Why choosing Terence Baelen Photography ?

Wedding photographer is a job ! Here is how I work with my clients.

Visual style

Photography – I love spontaneous and candid things. I’m influenced by pastel colors. I love the sweetness of warm tones. i love grain, and sometimes the little imperfections that made the charm of analog photography.

Videography – The filmmakers that I propose to my clients are also loving cinema. Slow motions, cinematic color grading, 4K quality : you’ll be amazed by their epic and gorgeous visuals.

We work with advanced equipment but we want to base our work on emotions first.

The relationship with our clients

The filmmakers and I give a very big importance to our relationship with our clients. We want it as friendly and cool as possible. This is super important to deliver a good wedding reportage ! We study and listen all your popositions. And if they are matching  with our artistic vision, we will definitely answer them positively.

To infinity and beyond !

Like many other photographers, I also have a passion for travels. Discovering new places, new sceneries, new cultures, is really inspiring. So, I like to work with my clients around the world. Recently, I had the great pleasure to shoot couples in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Soon, I’ll shoot a new wedding in Italy.

If you are in search for a photographer or a videographer in France or in Europe, do not hesitate anymore ! We are here to accompany you through all the steps of your project.

You can check out our work, and contact us through the contact form provided. And of course, you can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We publish our work regularly.

Our wedding photos

Terence Baelen | Destination wedding and elopement photographer in France and Europe.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Click on one of this photos below to discover my wedding photography work.

Our wedding videos & films

We work with great and gifted videographers, who love to capture love in a cinematic way. Here’s a sneak peek of our work.

Meet the team

This is a small part of our dream team of wedding photographer and filmmaker in France.

Terence Baelen

Photographer, Founder

Luka Arabidze


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Terence Baelen | Wedding and elopement photographer in France, Europe and Worldwide

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