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Legends say that I was given my first name through a movie theme. Was this the origin of my love for images? Here is the story of your best french photographer !

How I became a wedding photographer in Paris

Born in Cannes, France, I have been lulled by the visual arts since childhood. Photography and cinema are my two great passions. I set foot in the stirrup with the purchase of my first reflex camera in 2007. Since then, I’ve never stopped evolving, improving my skills, and developing my photographic style. In 2018, I decided to officially launch my own photography business. Now I specialized in wedding reportage.

There are many reasons that brought me to live near Paris. I am now settled in Paris suburbs, and so I continue to practice my work as a wedding photographer there. However, this does not prevent me from coming back down with pleasure to the Cannes area, where I continue to photograph weddings. It is also an opportunity to visit my family and friends.

terence baelen portrait

A French Photographer… at the Cannes Film Festival

My passions for cinema and photography have curiously intertwined. Since 2017, I have had the immense privilege of being one of the few elected photographers working on the famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes is the biggest film festival in the world, so I have learned a lot from working there. Beyond having had the chance to photograph the biggest stars of Hollywood, I have been trained to manage pressure and work in an efficient and organized way. Indeed, working on the Cannes Film Festival is no easy task. You have to learn to tame the excitement, and be well prepared physically and mentally. On the other hand, wedding photos have almost become child’s play!

photographers in cannes film festival
brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio attending cannes film festival
sara forestier in cannes

From Paris to the world

In addition to my passion for photography and the seventh art, I’m also passionate about travelling. Some would say I’m “itchy”. But, quite simply, I have a vital need for escape and adventure. A good dose of excitement and adrenaline to break my routine.

Discovering new places, new settings, new cultures, constantly feeds inspiration. It also allows me to evolve, mature, and grow. I’m not teaching you anything, travel shapes our vision of the world and of life. It is exactly what I love and seek, and it has a major influence on my photographic world.

Therefore, I enjoy working with my clients all over Europe and around the world, whenever possible and feasible. For example, I have already had the chance to work on photo projects with couples in Brazil, to do wedding photos in Tuscany, and to work with brides and grooms in Ireland.

As I often say, traveling doesn’t scare me. On the contrary, taking the train or plane has an extremely exhilarating side. In short, whether in Paris, France, Europe, or even further afield, I am available to meet all kinds of requests. So don’t hesitate to come and tell me about all your wildest projects. If you are planning to move to Iceland, Switzerland, or (why not) Asia, I am entirely at your disposal.

french photographer wedding and elopement

3 things I like to shoot during weddings



Groom jitters. Bride’s tears. A father’s smile. A mother’s excitement. A brother’s or sister’s wild dance.

Couple pictures

Ideally, in the middle of nature. In the fields. In the woods. In the forest. Of love. Spontaneity. Happiness.

Castles & estates

A chic, luxurious castle. A vast and green domain. An intimate and warm champagne cellar.


bride cries
wedding in nature
wedding venue in france

How to contact your french photographer?

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