a couple photoshoot in paris

A Couple photoshoot in Paris

by Terence Baelen

Love, love, love. That’s what the Beatles sang. It’s also what I tell with my photos. Get a glimpse of my work and book your couple photoshoot in Paris or anywhere else.

Get the best photographer in Paris !

— Get a couple photoshoot in Paris.
Are you visiting or living the french capital ? Did you plan to get a couple photoshoot in Paris ? Now it’s time to treat yourself to one of the most romantic experience. Fall to the temptation of having a couple photoshoot in Paris downtown and walk away with beautiful and crazy photos of you and your soulmate ! You will never regret having such vibrant photos !

Your couple photoshoot in Paris… and over the world !

My job as a wedding and couple photographer regularly offers me the privilege to travel over the word. Thus, I had the chance to capture love in Brazil, Ireland, Italy, and I regularly receive messages around the world to shoot couples. If you’re traveling to Paris, or if you’re in search of a photographer able to travel to capture your love, well… you’re at the right place !

Why Paris is a perfect location to couple sessions ?

Well, if you fell right on this page, it’s probably because you’re aware of the romantic potential of Paris. Due to its history and its reputation, the french capital is the perfect destination for couple photoshoots. But, you absolutely have to hire a photographer who knows the city and the good spots. Perfect ! I can guide you through the city and find for you the best places to make crazy and unforgettable memories. Why not considering my Adventurous couple package to get perfect photos, but also a nice visit of Paris and its good places ?

Will I be your couple photographer?

Are you looking for a couple photoshoot ? Maybe you came across this page without even thinking of treating yourself to a couple photoshoot. But why not thinking about it? Ask for more information, or even better, ask to book your couple photo shoot by filling out the form below or by contacting me through my contact page. I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible, and maybe to create amazing content in Paris or elsewhere with you guys !

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get a couple photoshoot in paris