A wedding at Le Clos des Roses, Fréjus, Provence

I was their wedding photographer in Fréjus : Lisa & Aurélien

A family atmosphere, a lot of good mood, a flamboyant couple session and an explosive party. Here is how I would summarize the wedding of Lisa & Aurélien, celebrated at Le Clos des Roses, in Fréjus, Provence. Here is a small summary in images of this very beautiful day of August.

About the wedding photos at Clos des Roses (Fréjus)

Photographer : Terence Baelen  | Dress : Lyne Mariage| Suit : Hugo Boss | Venue : Clos des Roses | Dj : Sonor

Ceremonies in Pégomas

Lisa and Aurélien chose to register their marriage in Pégomas, a small town of the French Riviera, where the couple lives. In the early afternoon, Lisa arrived at the city hall square, with the Jeep driven by her father. All the guests are already there, and many are dressed in blue, thus honoring the dress code suggested by the couple. The wedding is launched. Aurélien, the groom, enters on the arm of his mom. Lisa, on the arm of her father. Florence Simon, the mayor of Pégomas, warmly welcomes them and begins the wedding ceremony.

A few moments later, officially united, they pass through the doors of the city hall under the acclamations of their relatives. Now, they head for Auribeau, where the group photos will be taken and the religious ceremony will take place.

Wedding photos at Le Clos des Roses, Fréjus

At the end of the afternoon, the couple found all the guests of their wedding in Fréjus, at the Clos des Roses. It is here that everyone will celebrate the wedding, in a more than festive atmosphere. Meanwhile, the cocktail is launched. While the first mojitos begin to be distributed, Lisa and Aurélien slip away to realize their couple session.

The sky is covered. At first, we begin by realizing the first wedding photos in the vineyards of the Clos des Roses. Then the sun begins to slip between two clouds, creating pretty rays. It is the advantage of the cloudy times: sometimes, the chance smiles to us, the sun shows timidly its nose, and that creates situations of spectacular lights. It is then necessary to work quickly because the spectacle can last only a few seconds. I direct them to a field that runs along the central alley of the domain, and we make some images to capture those orange rays, escaping from the heavy sky.

A few steps away, there is a small chapel attached to the domain. We decide to realize some photos in front of. Then we move away towards the pine forest, where the big sign “Clos des Roses” overhangs the road. And there, the spectacle intensifies. The sky is adorned with a color of fire. By taking my photos, I already know it: they are going to be crazy!

Wedding party at Clos des Roses

The night has fallen. Now it’s time for the party. The dance floor is quickly ignited. The friends of the bride and groom are all on the dance floor. The atmosphere is more than festive! Everyone seems to be having a good time, and I know that this is very good for my images and my work.

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Wedding photos at Le Clos des Roses, Fréjus, Provence;

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