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Esteemed guests,

Over the last few years, I have captured the warmth and emotion of couples on special occasions for them to look back and relive the experiences for a lifetime. My name is Terence Baelen, and I am a wedding photographer based in Paris. It is my pleasure to welcome you to my page, where you can see these experiences for yourself. 

A wedding is not only a special day, but also an important moment for the lives of the future newlyweds. To be able capture the joyous and intense emotions of a union is why I chose to pursue photography.

Photographer based near Paris, I specialize in wedding and couple photos. Thus, I accompany the newlyweds in writing their memories. My style is essentially made of ‘photo-journalism’. In other words, I act discretely to capture the key and stolen moments. Natural and spontaneous photos : this is the essence of my artistic vision.

On the other hand, on weddings, I also like to take the time to create with you artistic and structured images. So, during the couple photo shoot, I will be happy to direct you, always taking care to preserve the naturalness and spontaneity that you expect. I have some secret techniques in my pocket…

Even though I live in Paris suburbs, I enjoy to travel around the world to catch and shoot weddings.

Autoportrait de Terence Baelen, photographe à Reims

Wedding photographer and videographer in Paris


As I already mentioned, I prefer natural and authentic photos to poses too much stuffy and eccentric. My style nevertheless finds its inspiration directly in my passion for cinema.

Passionate about movies, from the first classics to big American blockbusters, I love the elegance of cinematic colors and I worship the grain, which was the charm of films of yesteryear. Golden hour has also become my specialty and my trademark.

Anyway, the goal that I give myself in my wedding photos is to create memories but also to tell a story. A love story. Your love story.


I work with talented wedding videographers. They will make your wedding film, with a high cinema quality. Drone, slow-motions, 4K quality. You will be totally amazed by their creations.

These videographers (or “filmmakers“) are qualified and competent professionals. Over the time, they have become good friends. Thus, we can work together with a total confidence, and without hindering ourselves.

We work so well together that we can sometimes share certain tasks. In this way, the videographer can take some wedding photos. And vice versa !

a couple photographed by terence baelen

Why should you hire me as your wedding photographer ?

A high quality work

With discretion and professionalism, I will bring my artistic look to your wedding day. A trained, experienced and professional look. It will guarantee you magnificent wedding photographs, faithful to your D-day atmosphere.

Naturally painstaking and perfectionist, I carefully select and edit your images to give you the best wedding photos in more than reasonable time.

I only work with high-end equipment. This allows me to benefit from all the comfort necessary for my performance, and allows me to photograph in all conditions. Thus, you will receive images that meet your expectations, and in a very high definition.

Finally, I carefully select the service providers and the collaborators with whom I work in Paris and elsewhere in France. In this way, I can deliver you a very high quality service.

A relaxed and friendly relationship

I attach great importance to communication and relationships with my clients, whom I want as relaxed and friendly as possible. In my eyes, this is the secret of quality work and the key to the satisfaction of the newlyweds.

In this way, I prefer when possible a physical meeting because this allows me to probe your expectations and your desires. And I can also provide answers to your questions. Of course, if it’s not possible, I’m ok for a videochat or a call !

To avoid any misunderstanding and secure your wedding date, a contract detailing precisely the terms and conditions of my service will be signed in english.

Finally, before the wedding, I also usually exchange regularly with my clients, by email or Whatsapp. Sometimes on Instagram too ! In this way, I can keep myself informed of the wedding organization or if there’s any changes to the program. It’s a way to keep myself 100% ready not to miss anything!

wedding photographer in paris france couple session

Photographer in Paris… and everywhere !

I‘m a photographer in Paris, yes. But my job regularly offers me incredible opportunities. It allowed me to discover many regions of the world, where I had the chance to capture destination weddings and many couples. You guessed it, I don’t mind traveling as part of my work. Whether in other regions of France, in Europe or abroad, I can offer you advantageous travel fees. Do not hesitate to tell me about your wedding plan abroad !

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I share very regularly my work as a couple and wedding photographer, but also a lot of travel and lifestyle photo shoots. You will also see behind the scenes and all the backstage process! Follow me on the Instagram adventure, which already brings together more than 1,000 people.

“Your wedding photographer is there to write with his own eyes your story and your emotions”

I am recommended by Zankyou thehigh-end wedding organization platform. Zankyou carefully and sparingly selects the service providers entering their directory. I am pleased to be now recommended there.

Terence Baelen photographe recommandé par Zankyou

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