I was the photographer of a wedding proposal on the beach

The wedding proposal of C&R, in Nice, French Riviera

We have been preparing for this moment for weeks. This is it, the big day is here! Rohan is going to do his wedding proposal on the beach in Nice, and I’m going to be the photographer who will immortalize it all. It’s a bit of pressure. Especially since Rohan is a romantic type, and wants to keep it a secret until the last minute.

For a few weeks now, we have been working on a scenario together to avoid the slightest suspicion from his future wife, Chandni. The profession of photographer embraces many skills. Today, it will be necessary to be an actor.

Photographer but also an actor : how to keep the surprise of the wedding proposal

At the very beginning, I wanted to play it classic with a regular couple photo session, on the beach, and then at the end, the proposal. But it was impossible. Rohan, who lives in England, knows many friends there who have done this. And since photo sessions are not in their habits, Chandni would suspect something for sure.

So, to keep it a surprise, we agreed that I should approach them… as if I didn’t know them at all. The idea was to ask to take some pictures for my portfolio and my website. And in the middle : the proposal!

A proposal on the beach at sunrise

Rohan wanted to propose on the beach, and during the golden hour (the photographer’s favorite light), to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Small problem: we are in June and the tourists are already here. The beaches are super crowded at this period. But that’s not a problem! Rohan is up for a photo session… at sunrise. There is another small problem: we are still in June, and the sun rises early. Very early.

So, we plan to meet at 6am, on the beach of Ponchettes in Nice. Love has no brakes!

How does the wedding proposal work?

You want to know if Chandni said “yes“? Let me explain.

I arrive at 6am. I see the couple on the beach, enjoying the morning atmosphere. The light is not yet what I expect. I quickly text Rohan, and we decide to wait a few minutes before my arrival. Around 6:20 am, the light begins to be more interesting. Pastel colors wrap the horizon. The sun should go beyond the hills of Nice and come out in time to give its golden effect at the end of the session.

So, I arrive next to them, pretending to take a leisurely stroll. I approach them and speak to them in French. Surprise (no, it’s not): Chandni and Rohan live in London and speak only English. As a good comedian, I switch to the language of Shakespeare. Chandni easily accepts the idea of taking some pictures (phew!) and we get to work.

In the middle of the session, I give a sign to Rohan. This is the key moment of our proposal photo session. Rohan sends a few passionate words to Chandni, then kneels down, takes the ring box out of his pocket, and proposes, right there in the middle of the beach. All in emotion, Chandni says… yes!

The sun comes out and we continue our photo shoot for a few minutes, to enjoy the golden hour in Nice. Then, I slip away to let the couple enjoy this beautiful moment together, on the Promenade des Anglais.

“Omg, I was the photographer of a wedding proposal on the beach”.

Photographer is a crazy job where you passionately live the love of couples, from the proposal to the wedding day itself, obviously including the couple sessions. When I finished this particular couple photo shoot in Nice, I said to myself “Omg, I was the photographer of a wedding proposal on the beach“. It’s a big deal in the life of a couple, and I’m lucky enough to have a front row seat for these precious moments.

Time flies. We must not forget to capture and engrave these intense and strong moments. Don’t forget to capture tour proposal too. And if your wedding has already passed, don’t forget to take the time to offer yourself a moment of complicity, out of time, with a photo session, on the beach or elsewhere!


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    a wedding proposal on the beach in Nice, French Riviera, captured by Terence Baelen, proposal photographer in Nice

    A romantic wedding proposal on the french Riviera
    © Terence Baelen, wedding proposal photographer in Nice, French Riviera