Golden Hour | The magic of sunset photography

Photographing during golden hour has become a specialty and a trademark. Here are two words about the magic of golden light and about sunset photography.

The golden hour: what is it?

What is the golden hour? This expressio define the hour before sunset. You may have noticed that when the sun is about to go down, the sunlight seems warmer. Almost like gold.

Why do I like sunset photography ?

This time of day, producing an orange light, is sought after by many photographers. Personally, I use it a lot in my couple photos. It has even become a specialty, a trademark. Indeed, it brings softness and romanticism to the images. Moreover, it marries marvelously with the color palettes I use. My photographs thus often offer golden brown tones, often very much appreciated by my clients.

a couple shot at golden hour in rio de janeiro

When is the best time for your photos?

Of course, I often advise brides, grooms and couples who hire me to organize the couple’s photo session a little before sunset. This is not always easy. Indeed, in the summer the sun sets much later, and golden hour doesn’t arrive until around 7 or 8 pm. But it is always preferable, as far as possible, to shoot in the evening. This avoids a very harsh and unflattering light.

Want a photoshoot during sunset ?

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