Wedding videographer in Paris 

Go get your popcorn and make yourself comfortable. This is the wedding videographer I used to work with in Paris and around. The wedding movies we have on offer will blow your mind.

Wedding photographer and videographer in Paris

Wedding photographer and wedding videographer are two professions that have their similarities and differences. Both have the same love for creating images. They also have the same technical basics. But wedding video is a speciality apart. As a photographer, I work regularly with a wedding videographer near Paris to be able to offer you both high quality wedding photos and films. I work with a wedding videographer who produce very high quality films. We know how to work together, in a more than excellent agreement and without getting in each other’s way. In my eyes, we can provide together the best wedding videographer services around Paris. Moreover we have the same artistic and professional vision.

A wedding film like in Hollywood

Actually, we do not really like the word “wedding videographer” and define ourselves more as a filmmakers. Why ? Because, even if we are wedding videographers, our services provided go well beyond the job of cameraman. Let it be said, we are not cameramen ! Our videos are in fact real films, with a quality close to cinema. The wedding films thus proposed mix storytelling and artistic creation. They will sum up the essence of your wedding in a rhythmic and dynamic format. The wedding film that will be delivered to you will summarize the highlights of your wedding in about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes edited with extreme care and attention to details. Among the proposed formulas you will also find options that may be just what you are looking for. Thus, you will experience an incomparable pleasure to see it and see it again without any moderation. Alone or with your guests.

What will your wedding video in paris look like ? 

Are you curious to know what our wedding videos look like? I suggest you discover below a short resume video, which will certainly make your mouth water, and summarize the highlights of some of the weddings he did in 2019. Of course, it goes without saying that the content of your own video will reflect the atmosphere of your wedding. Indeed, we do not provide lamborghinis yet ! Now, just sit back and watch the results of our passionate and meticulous work, and try to imagine what our wedding videographer’s work in Paris will be.

New wedding videos are coming very soon. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about the exceptional service provided by Abraw, my partner. You can use the contact page in the menu.

In the meantime, I also invite you to consult my work as a wedding photographer.

Hope to talk with you soon.