An elopement in Reims, France

The crazy adventure of Lindsay & Andrew

Thursday, March 31, morning.
I receive a message on Whatsapp:

“Hello, my fiancé and I are in France to celebrate our engagement. But we finally decided to transform the wedding into an elopement in Reims. Is it possible to help us organize a small ceremony tomorrow? Lindsay & Andrew”

An elopement in Reims ? Tomorrow? The idea is crazy. I love it! Except that right now I’m in Cannes, literally on the other side of France.

I know it’s going to be very complicated to set it up. However, I redirect them to Amélie, a wedding planner I know in Reims, to help them organize their ceremony. She is just as excited about this crazy project. In a few phone calls and exchanges, the project finally takes shape. Everything is confirmed quickly. I took my train tickets and jumped on the TGV the next morning at dawn, heading for Reims, the city of champagne.

In less than a day, Amélie organized an amazing ceremony, intimate and full of emotions. I am very happy with the beautiful team we formed that day! Lindsay and Andrew returned to California two days later, on cloud nine.

Here is a some photos of this spontaneous elopement in Reims.

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    Un magnifique elopement, mariage en petit comité, près de Reims, en Champagne-Ardenne.